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Do SEO like a pro, no need to be an expert

We tackle the SEO On-page optimization with a tailored experience. We’ve built a panel that allow Webflow users to follow a proven process to improve the score of their websites.

Invest for efficiency, save time and money

Our solution will help your team to perform audits inside Webflow, rank better on keywords and have a positive impact on your GTM strategy -all in one piece. SEO plugin built for marketers.

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Easy to use, hard to get wrong on the run

Too many data, complex tools, and lack of time to learn. Succeeding in SEO is a challenge. Contenance provides valuable help and resources to facilitate the successful use of the SEO extension.

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Make sense of number with confidence

Contenance has over 70 conditions that have an impact on the health score calculated per page. You shouldn’t need to be an expert to build performing website, you can rely on experts that has done it.

Supercharged your optimization of websites

We’re building the SEO solution that helps your team achieve superior management of websites. Planned for V1, our platform will improve the workflow because every websites deserve a great code.

Rank every pages of your Webflow CMS

Contenance works with Single Page and Collections. Use it on every content made to rank on Google in seconds. Easy to use for Blog Post, Landing, Events, Products, Webinars, Podcasts and more.

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We’re starting, just new and so little. But the current Beta is 3% of the future solution, and we want to  build it with our community to make it perfect.


Over the last years, we’ve worked with dozens of SEO tools. During that time, we’ve built a full workflow on Notion as our founder is running an SEO agency. And now, we think that it’s the time to build our platform for a perfect SEO workflow.


Our beta is available only for Webflow Designer users, and it’s an SEO extension that provides a workflow to build pages made to be ranked on Google. In the future, all CMS will work.

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Our first 1,000 users to get a year plan will get a lifetime advantage: unlimited websites.
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The second milestone for us is to build the platform in order to save your Contenance score and add more features to complete the experience. First, we need to traction from our users.


Once the plateform is built, we will add specific features for getting high-end performances on Websites, open to every team that want to grow with a proven workflow for SEO.


The last milestone to complete the full version of Contenance v1 is to build an assistant that will help to write better content for the web thanks to AI and data that crawl the web.


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Do you offer an advantage to your beta users ?

As we need support and help from users to build the full solution, we've decided to make a big move for them. The first 1,000 users to get a year plan will have unlimited websites scan inside Webflow, no limit. It's a killer advantage because once the beta is closed, we'll add a "Pro" plan with a limited number of websites to scan according to the plan selected.

Who is the team behind Contenance?

Contenance is an SEO solution developed by the team behind, a Parisian digital studio that is driving growth for dozens of scale-up businesses for years. SEO is a key part of our workflow, and we've decided to build a product that will combine all our practices into one hub. This step is huge for us, and we're hoping a lot to share our vision, methods and make you succeed in our way.

How can I access the Contenance SEO extension?

Contenance is provided by a Chrome Extension, which you can download for free. When you log in to your Webflow Designer, the Contenance logo will appear in the left side panel. There you can log in with your Contenance token and access the SEO extension. If you don’t have a token, you will have to register in our app, select a plan that will fit your requirements, and add a website in the dashboard.

Will you be adding more features?

Our backlog is full of new features to add in the extension, and then the platform that will come. We can't wait to add more, but first we need to get traction from users and be sure that we're building a solution that generates interests, and that could shape is own way for a future where it has a place in SEO tools.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel or downgrade your subscription easily at any time in your user profile, be sure to log in our app.

Do I need to be a professional Webflow user?

No, we have developed a panel that professionalize the process of building a high-end page by taking into consideration a specific keyword. You don’t need to be a Webflow or SEO expert to use plainly.

Can I use Contenance for commercial projects?

Of course! Contenance is designed for professionals who use Webflow, but also for agencies and freelancers. Use it on every project to move your SEO workflow to the next level.