Getting started


Contenance is providing a new experience inside the Webflow Designer by adding steps in order to build high-end SEO websites.

With Contenance, you can Search Engines Optimization for every page without cutting your workflow. We all know that multiple tabs and using tools can be time consuming, so we’ve decided to make it simple.

In only a few steps, you will set a keyword and then access guidelines to follow the best practice in terms of on-page optimization. Use the intelligence of our scoring to perfect every piece of content that should rank.

Contenance is open to all Webflow owners that care about rankings in Google & other Search Engines. In the future, it will be built for teams, and lots of tasks are planned in the roadmap : tasks, custom fields, notes, comments, and plenty more.

Have a look at our quick-start guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of Contenance so you can start in minutes. Next, we’ll explain our scoring.

Contenance SEO extension

Need help?

We're here to help, send us a request in the support page.